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Thanks. Glad you like it so far. Just so you know, we are firmly committed to this platform, and the web interface is just the “first step”. Stay tuned for info later this year on EZHomeNet.

In regards to your comments – thanks and keep them coming!

Let me try to address your comments:
1. This does appear to be a bug – we have it recorded and it will be addressed in a future release.

2. This is something we are working on getting out ASAP – we don’t want you to have to re-enter all of the information you did during setup. Expect a minor release soon.

3. We are looking into the update – this is still under investigation.

4. This is a bit complicated. What happens is the PLM from Smarthome currently does not monitor traffic unless the insteon message is directly sent to it or from it… this means that all controllers out there using the PLM are partially blind. We are actively working with Smarthome on this, as well as looking at some alternatives. In the meantime, how do you feel about a refresh button? We can send Insteon status requests out to all the devices on the screen – this will be a little slow, and will only reflect the status when you pressed refresh, but we feel it is the best solution for today.

Thanks again for your comments, and hopefully years of satisfied use of our products.