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After a monumental struggle, I was able to install XP on my Intel MacBook and get SHN Utility to run. Acting on the assumption that “X10 House/Unit Filter” refers to X10 signal relaying, I’ve shut down the relay function to see whether that clears up my problem.

I’m encountering a good deal of communications timeouts between my PowerLinc module and the EZX10RF unit, even when both are plugged into the same outlet. I wish I could ascertain the source of the noise. Whatever it is, I have yet to be able to complete a Display Existing Links in the EZX10RF in order to begin disentangling the X10-to-Insteon translation.

I think you’d have a lot of grateful users out here — we might even buy the first round of drinks — if you made the utility easier to use or worked with developers to get EZX10RF link support into the various automation software packages.