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The utility is not really a general purpose device database manager that lets you write to all classes of device link databases. One big limitation is that there are 2 types of databases. All our devices and those based on the PLM have the so-called linear database and the utility handles those fine. All legacy devices, however, have a linked-list type database that our utility does not yet recognize.
Additionally, there is currently a bug in the PLM from Smartlabs where its firmware does not respect the MSB when writing (poking) into the Insteon device memory space. This affects devices that are built on a PLM that does not have external memory (EZIO2X4, EZIO5I, EZIO4O, EZX10RF and EZRain.) This results in the observed “mangling” of the database when writing to the other parameters (input parameters, timers, config. register, etc.)
To get around this, do the linking, note the written links, modify the input parameters as desired, and then re-write the links.
The utility woerks faster and more reliably with the EZBridge than with the PLC.
A browser interface will be available shortly that eases adding devices to the system. All current owners of EZBridge will be entitled to a free upgrade. Our strategy will be to concentrate on facilitiating device management as we recognize this is the missing (NPI) link.