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Hi Paul,

I used the SHN 1.6 utility to use the GetSunriseSunset and all that happens is it seems to repeat the last accepted command.

For example, if you run SHN and immediately go to the EZBridge control tab, enter the above GetSunriseSunset command, the results in the log file show a response to a GetRevision command every time the SendXML button is pressed. You can also enter a bogus command such as help and the reply coming back is Command help Not supported
showing that the command entry box is accepting the input, but if you go back and then enter the GetSunriseSunset command again, you will get the prior Command help Not supported reply back again.

Sorry, but perhaps it’s my fault for not being clear in what I was asking before about the reset procedures…

In the Beta release email, you did mention the ClearFlash command, but what I was wondering is if in addition to the software command to clear memory is there a reccomended procedure for powering up and down and/or using the hardware reset button to clear the EZServer after loading the newest firmware?

Thanks for your help!