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Thanks for your work.
I have linked a few devices, but somehow it’s still not seeing when I turn a light or device on unless it commands it on. It’s not responding to X10 or Insteon macros, or showing the correct on-off state.
PDA use with Pocket Internet Explorer 6 still isn’t working right, but it’s usable with workarounds. The lamps at the right of the screen show up as X’s (like when a picture is unavailable on a web page). Clicking on them has no effect, thus you can’t control the device. A workaround that wasn’t in the last version is pressing on or off controls the first (i.e. top) device on the screen. I can set an area with the only device I want to control and use it. My full time server will be turned off today, and I’m setting up areas to use EZserve. That was the goal when i bought it so we’re getting there.
One minor note, the username is still EZServe, but now the password has to have the first letter capitalized (i.e. Simplehomenet). Before it had to be all lowercase. It would be nice in the future releases if you would let us know with the bin file what any changes are to log in. I also can’t change the password, it keeps giving me the message “Old Password Mismatch!”.
Thanks again for your continued work here and I hope these comments help.