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Further to my previous post – if you program the EZX10RF for an X10 remote so it will sent it as an Insteon signal, any other X10 wireless signals even though they are not programmed will be picked up by the EZX10RF and transmitted into the power line. If you are using a WR80032RF then it receives an X10 signal and the EZX10RF receives it also so Indigo is receiving two signals. If you are sending a Brighten/Dim command then for some reason the EZX10RF transmits it twice over the power line and then the WR80032RF receives it so it ends up being sent to Indigo 3 times so it does the dimming/brightening in steps of three rather than one. I am trying to find out how to stop the EZX10RF from sending non linked X10 signals over the power line but no one at Simplehomenet has responded yet.