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Finally had some time to try out the firmware – it upgraded OK, but for fear of problems, I haven’t done a hardware reset.

I’ve set up some timers – we’ll see if they work once or more times.

Don’t know if others experience this, but I have noticed that often the screen doesn’t fully populate unless you wait a very long time. Mostly, it’s the buttons – only placeholder icons are rendered and there are numbers (such as 02) in the fields. I’m just using IE6 – no proxies, toolbars or add-ons. Here is a screen shot:

Not really bugs, but more my usability issues:

I want to be able to turn off a light at some time after it has been turned on. An example: We want to turn off the outside front door lights 10 minutes after turning them on – enough time to get out and leave, but not have the lights on all the time when nobody is around. I had tried to set a macro to do this, but get an error saying that “Both devices cannot be the same”. Is there a way to do this?

Is there some way to manually view/control devices without adding them to an Area? Maybe it’s just me, but all the whole process of creating Areas with only one device in them just adds an additional layer of confusion and difficulty in setting things up.

Does the EZServe display the actual device status? From what I can see, it doesn’t read back the current state of the device (On/Off/Dim level).

I’d also agree that the device address field should automatically correct for lack of caps instead of making it an error.

A nice feature to add would be a traffic log – might make it easier to see what had happened on the network when troubleshooting.