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Try the following combo:

Login: EZServe
Password: Simplehomenet (or use simplehomenet)

as always, watch the case.

Yup, I did that. All kinds of variants of that, too, both in the password and the user.

I downgraded to 0.28, same problem. Then re-upgraded to .31, again, no dice. Finally, I downgraded to 0.19, and could get in, then after bumping back up to .31, it worked.

Something about the hard reset seemed to clear the password altogether, even AFTER re-uploading version 0.31. I’d try the reset again, to see if I can duplicate it, but I’ve just reconfigured all my timers and devices and don’t want to go through that again.

I’ll let you know in a couple days if the timers are working more than once in a row now…