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Here’s my assessment.

Not as much progress as I had hoped, although does seem to be more functional that the last time. I assume all of the work is in the guts and may not be as apparent to the user. There are a couple of must haves in the next few releases, in my opinion, as well as some things that I would like to see in future releases, summarieced below.

1. Probably an OK time to start some preliminary documentation. For example, I am not sure how the groups/links work since there seems to be a need for a group/link for every device whether or not you want it linked to another device.

2. Need to be able to dim in larger increments and also to be able to set the dim level. Changing dimming by using the bright / dim buttons moves at I am guessing 2% each time I hit it. Long way down to 50%.

3. Naming conventions should allow the use of a space so that this starts taking the appearance of a user friendly program.

4. At some point, you will need to think about whether or not to have advanced macros with multiple ifs and multile thens and elses. I don’t have an ocelot but I think it’s popularity is with what it connects to and how advanced it can be programmed.

5. That brings me to my next point which is not a must have, but if the idea is to be the Ocelot for Insteon (not sure if that’s what you are targeting), at some point you will need to start supporting ad-on modules. I realize lets get the basics done first.

6. I have to say I’m not a huge fan of the interface. Maybe because I really haven’t been much of a web interface fan historically. I’m not sure if some of the more polished web technology could be used like Java to add things like expanding trees in order to increase the ease of use.

FYI, I haven’t really noted any bugs per say because the EZHomeNet beta software really isn’t far enough along for me to use as a controller for my HA so I am only at a point of trying it out on a test basis. Really though, there’s not that much to it at this point so I’m not sure I could have much more anyway.