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Hi, Al.

1. Put the jumper between NC and COM
2. Wire my contacts to NO and COM
3. Close my contacts
4. LED on UT3000 lights, signal sent
5. EzSnsRF receives signal, tells me unit is ON (code 11)
6. Three seconds later, EzSnsRF tells me unit is OFF (code 13)
7. Open my contacts, no signal sent

I need to get an ON when the contacts are closed, and and OFF when they’re open. I’m getting ON-plus-OFF when closed, and nothing when open.

If the UT3000 can only send alarms, not resets, it won’t work for what I need (a remote gate monitor). But even if that’s what it’s doing, it’s not right, because the EzSnsRf is telling me both ON and OFF for the alarm state.