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Hi, Al.

Not going so well. Either I’m doing something wrong, or the hardware isn’t working correctly.

I’m using a Dakota universal transmitter, set to C1, paired successfully with the EzSnsRf. The utility shows both linked and in use, and the Insteon database shows exactly one link (group 1), pointing to my PLC. The Insteon commands are 11 and 13, as usual.

When I close the NC contact on the universal, nothing happens. No blink on the universal device, no activity from the EzSnsRf.

When I open the NC contact on the universal, the universal immediately blinks, and the EzSnsRf sends four (count ’em, four) messages to the PLC. First a broadcast for group 1, Cmd1 11, Cmd2 0. Then a direct message to the PLC, Cmd1 11, Cmd2 01. Either message is okay, and I can ignore the broadcast.

The problem comes in with the next two messages. They are identical to the first two, except Cmd1 is 13.

Anything I set up to use this would blink on and then immediately off. No good. I want ON when the contact’s is closed, OFF when the contact is open (or the reverse — doesn’t matter as long as it’s predictable).

Getting nothing when I close the contact, and getting both ON and OFF when I open it is useless.

I’ll test with a second universal transmitter, in case this one’s broken. But I suspect there are two problems here; one with the missing transmission, the other with the wrong info sent by the EzSnsRf.

More in a few moments.