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Whoa, didn’t expect that! cool though…

as with all new devices, integration would have to “happen”.

I was thinking more along the lines of a LIRC blaster via insteon..
as far as the software support, it could respond just like a native LIRC device, the exception being that the commands would be sent via insteon rather than USB or serial or IP, etc…

you could also implement this as a “duo” pair… two devices, one set up as a receiver, and the other set up as a transmitter, linking the two together with a standard insteon link.. kinda like the old X10 extenders, but over insteon.

Just in case your not familliar with the project, lirc is Linux Infra-Red Control, and has been ported to win-lirc, etc. Lots of support for this project, both in the linux world, and windows world.. It basically remaps IR codes to commands or “keystrokes” per se.

I like the 4 IR emitter idea for the blaster mode..

My reason for suggesting this is more for the “geeks” out there like me.. I’m a heavy linux user, and currently trying to implement your products into LinuxMCE (see http://www.linuxmce.org)