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What about software to support this? How would Homeseer, Houselinc, et al. support it?

What about a device that does what you suggest, and in addition, the following:
– Built-in IR sensor, and provision for an external one with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack.
– Receives X10 IR codes and passes them all to the powerline. Does it with all house codes.
– Optionally converts X10 IR codes to Insteon (like the EZX10RF)
– Jacks for 4 IR emitters, each capable of driving dual emitters. Thus, capability for up to 8 emitters in blaster mode.
– Settable frequency for the emitters with 38Khz nominal
– Functions as IR distribution box (as described above with the external sensor and IR emitters)
– 8 dedicated learnable codes sent when corresponding Insteon group commands received.

How much should something like this cost??
What should it be named??