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Two things to keep in mind to implement your solution:
– The KPL button should respond to a group command sent by another Insteon sender. In this case, the KPL LED is a responder
– The EZIO2X4 can send a group command to itself. All you have to do is establish 2 links within its database: 1 as a Sender with the ID of itself, and another as a Responder with its own ID. The link data for the responder link will determine what the EZIO does as a responder. In this case, the middle byte of the data is 00 to respond to an individual relay, and the third byte (least significant) is the relay number (with 0 as relay 1 and 1 as relay 2).
So, all one has to do is set up the device as as controller (sender) to control other devices based on the activation of one of the inputs. Those devices can be any Insteon responder, including an LED on a KPL.
Then the unit can be set up as a responder to act on any of he relays, even to a command that it issues itself.

The unit has a lot of capability and offers a lot of flexibility in seting up a variety of control situations.