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I’ll echo heatvent’s disappointment with the progress, but there has been slow improvement and I’m assuming there’s been some work since the last release.

Here are the big items that I would like to see fixed:
1. Mine still doesn’t see insteon or X10 activity, and thus can’t respond with macros or show the correct on off state of devices. I’ve tried linking and cross linking, but nothing.
2. It doesn’t respond as expected on Pocket Internet Explorer 6. The light icons to the right of the device names don’t come up and there is no way to select a device for control. So far I haven’t been able to get anything to respond using PIE 6.

I also have been using a dedicated PC server which I’m trying to eventually replace with EZServe. We’re not that far from that but still need a little more work. If there’s any chance you could let some of us upload our own pages and work a bit I would like to give that a try.

I will say this has been very nice to have when my server has gone down.