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Thanks for the work. It looks like a lot’s been done.
I have a few questions.
1, When I add a device it won’t take it without a group number and link information. I’ve been randomly assigning groups, putting the Insteon address in the device link data, and putting the EzServe PLM Insteon address in the PLM link data blocks. This seems redundant because I already had entered the device insteon address and shouldn’t have to keep entering the PLM address every time. Is this adding the link to the PLM or do I still have to add it? On X10 devices it still makes me put in a device address, I’m using all zeros.
2. After changing my password, when the device restarts it goes back to simplehomenet.
3. On my windowsmobile 6 PDA the graphics don’t load for the light after the name of the device. Do I need to install java or something? It also doesn’t seem to control the device because I can’t click on the missing light.

Thanks again for the work,