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@simplehome wrote:

A future version of the X10RF will handle the security codes. But, so we don’t mislead you, this won’t happen anytime soon given our other priorities.

Thanks for the reply!

I’m glad to hear that it’s somewhere on the to-do list! =)

Just to give you guys a bit of my perspective: There are gobs of the DS10A sensor out on the market–sometimes for less than $3 each. I can pick them up off the shelf at my local Fry’s. The problem is that there aren’t any reasonable home automation controllers that can read them. For that matter, it’s difficult to get the crappy consoles that X10 originally sold to interpret these signals.

These DS10A are merely contact closure transmitters, which means they can be used with a wide variety of sensors. In my opinion, enabling X10 32 bit wireless detection might just blow the doors off of the Insteon home automation market which is full of people who are ready to DIY in order to save a few bucks or get exactly what they want.

Thanks again! This is a great product.