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Following is the process I have been using to create x10 to Insteon translation.

What I have been doing is manually creating the links.
1-Hold set button on EZX10RF for 4 seconds (LED will blink dim)
2-Send X10 Code (ONLY ONCE) Led will blink Bright.
3-Press Set button on device to be controlled until load or LED Blinks
4-Press set button on EZX10RF for 4 seconds.
(repeat for all devices/X10 addresses to be controlled. Each new X10 address will create a new group of links you can always add a new link to an existing X10 address at any time by following the process above).

*You can link more than one device(at any time) to the same X10 Code without problems by repeating the steps above.
Once you have all your links created go into Houselinc and rediscover all devices you manually linked(not the EZ10RF). The links will show up and you can edit them.

I tried to use the Simplehomenet utility suite but it seemed to mess the link tables in the EZX10RF up, or at least I could not figure it out and there does not seem to be much documentation about that software.

I have found that house link is not able to create links directly to the EZX10RF but it is able to edit and delete them. Once the links are created you can easily change ramp rates and on levels. I hope that a new release of HouseLinc will be able to actually create the links as well. I’m not sure how Houselinc would deal with the x10 part but it would be cool.