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First a clarification: Group commands or as SmartLabs calls them now “All-Link” commands are what most controllers such as the KeypadLinc, ControlLinc, and EZxx devices send. They differ from “Direct” commands in that they get sent to a single or multiple devices that have been “linked” to a Sender’s database. I know this is a bit confusing but think about this way. A Sender (controller) has a set of buttons, some for ON and some for OFF. A user can “link” (associate) a given responder with a button, such that when the button is pressed, the responder does something. Now, multiple responders can be associated with the same button. This is one of the advantages of “All-Link” commands. When the user presses the button (ON or OFF), a command goes (via a broadcast) to all the devices linked to that button do “activate” or “deactivate”. The Sender then follows with direct messges to each of the linked devices in what is called “Group Cleanup” to ensure each device gets the message.
In the EZX10RF, it is possible to link multiple devices (switches) on the same “All-Link” group by simply entering another link with the same X10 code and different device.
The problem is with “orphan” links. When removing a link for the X10RF database, the device does not automatically remove the link form the device whose link was just erased. Thus, it is possible that the activation of a group is “seen” and responded to by another device that is seemingly not present in the X10RF database.

We are making it more convenient to deal with this complication by providing a “Links Management” facility in our free utility. This wil be available before the end of October.