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Paul – I’ve been patient, but thought I might get something or else missed a response re documentation release and/or a brief answer to my config questions sent to your email address multiple times over the last 5 days, so thought I’d better jump in here again.

Any progress?

Also spent the weekend trying to get EZIO8T to work. Still can’t seem to link nor can I get any status change from the input side. I seem to be able to write the outputs and read them back, but the inputs all read OFF.

I have checked and quadrruple checked that the door switch is wired to pins 4,5 and that the switch provides open/close responses to thos pins measyred at the RJ connector on the end of the cable, but the 8T never seems to notice it. I tried linking to a light switch hoping an input state change would trigger something, but nada. Also confirmed no status change when Inputs were read.

Should I assume at this time that I have a bad 8T and send it back for a warranty exchange?