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OK. FOund out that if I click on a READ button on the EZIOxx tab it then connects to the module and I do then get Insteon traffic. You may want to add this requirement to your new guide or change the software so that when you tab out of the ID address field it automatically connects.

Re: no guide. Can I impose on you to give me a very brief description (a few screen captures sent to my email address [kenburkhalter@yahoo.com] would probably suffice) on how to make things work? Without a Help menu even, it is not obvious which “unit address” is required in various field (sender or receiver!) and how to set up switch transition states or how I need to set up Input-2 (1-wire?).

What I want to do is turn on/off my garage lites when the magnetic switch on the door changes state.

My EZIO8T address is 08.9E.0C and the two lites are on 04.7D.0C and 05.43.5F.

When the magnetic switch opens (door up) on Input 2 [the other inputs are grounded] I want to turn on both garage lites.

When the switch closes (door down) I want to turn on both lites for 90 seconds and then turn them both off (gives me time to get out).

That’s it.

If you can just tell my what values to enter and where to put them, I’m sure I can figure out the rest.

I still can’t get the module to manually link but if I can set it up with this SW Utility then manual linking doesn’t matter. If needed I’ll cross the ‘warranty’ bridge if needed.

Thank you ever so much. You have been remarkably responsive and I much appreciate it!