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Paul – thanks for your assistance.

Wow. That is not good news. I had NetFrameWork 2.0 installed and it didn’t seem to work so I then upgraded to version 3.5. Also I was runing the setup file from the unzipped download.

I do note that the unzipped data seems unusual in that in addition to the setup file there are: Simplehomenet Utility Suite.application; and Simplehomenet Utility Suite_1_1_0_0.application files and a Simplehomenet Utility Suite_1_1_0_0 folder containing 3 files with strange “extensions” of ‘deploy’ and ‘manifest’.

I noted from your download area that the Device Manager was ‘required’ for use with the Utility and thought perhaps that was my problem, and already tried to run the Device Manager, but when I attempt to do so I get an immediate “corrupted package; incorrect TMP/TEMP variables; or there is no execute permission for temporary folder” error.

Again I am doing all this on a new XP machiine (with all SvcPaks installed) and virtually no other software except SmartHomes HouseLink). This is my home automation computer and is running nothing else so it seems unlikely there are any conflicts. But nothing from SimpleHomenet seems to work!

Any more ideas?