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I just bought an EZX10RF and after reading this forum found the software. It seems to work OK although there are a couple of mysteries:
Code records make sense to me (assuming that the 11 for ‘on’ and 113 for ‘off’ are always correct), but in the ‘manage device links” page, there is the Device Insteon ID and Device Link Data.
The Insteon ID I get, but where does the Device link data come from? Using the manual procedure to generate the links I see that the data seems to be 2,9,32 for Smarthome ApplianceLinc V2 (2456S3) and 2,C,32 for the ICON Appliance On/Off Modules (2856S3B). Is this experimental method the only way to find out what the “correct” data is for a given device?

Also – I found that when I edited the links directly (using what I think is the latest Utility Suite v1.4) none of them worked, but when I cleared them all out and re-created them manually things were happy again.

Any have any success editing links directly in the Suite? (Sure beats running around the house pushing little buttons…)