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I’m basically trying to do the same thing mentioned by Tim: get the X10 wireless devices seen by mControl software running on a Vista PC. Then this software will turn on/off the devices I want to control. I don’t want the EZX10RF to control the device directly. However, getting that to work would be a great first step…

I think it is a bit disingenuous to imply that the EZX10RF configuration utility could be figured out by reading the comment set. (which I had done before starting this thread.) I still believe the documentation, web site, everything would be better if one simple example (a few basic scenarios would be better) was given regarding what exact values to enter into the various commands in a column to make a light turn on when an X10 button is hit on a wireless controller. I.e. For an X10 remote set to a house code ‘C’ and unit code ‘2’ which sends an “on” command and it to control LampLinc with INSTEON address 05.CF.5C I would set:

Code Index to: 1 (or whatever index I want this command tied to)
Linked: checked
In Use: checked
Timer: 0.0 (don’t automatically send “off” command. Enter non-zero value to send off command)
X10 House: C
X10 Unit: 2
Group: ??
On Cmd1: ??
On Cmd2: ??
Off Cmd1: ??
Off Cmd2: ??

And the EZX10RF must somehow get linked as a controller of the LampLinc. I understand the utility is being updated to allow the linking to be done as well, but for new another method must be used which with my EZX10RF hasn’t worked yet. (manually linking following the direction hasn’t worked.)

With this information, I could probably substitute a PowerLink USB adapter for the LampLinc and get the commands into mControl.