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I use HomeSeer v2.2. My goal is to rid my power-line of all X10 devices and replace them with Insteon; but still allow X10 RF devices like PalmPads, Key-Fobs, & motion sensors. The EZX10RF seemed like the ideal solution, but now I’m beginning to wonder.

Will I eventually be able to use a PalmPad to trigger HomeSeer events with Insteon messages? I think this would require NOT linking my EZX10RF to any Insteon device, since I just want it to trigger HomeSeer events, which will in turn control my Insteon devices using conditions, scripts, etc. But since I don’t want X10 signals on my power-line, simply re-broadcasting X10 is not the answer. Might “Broadcast” messages (versus sending Group commands) be the answer? If so, how would that work?