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Has anyone got the EZX10RF translation to work? Mine will rebroadcast X10 commands, but I haven’t gotten the tranlation to work. Since there isn’t any documentation for the software utility and SimpleHomeNet customer service states there isn’t any documentation and they have no plans to provide any, I tried manual linking as described in the Quick-Start guide. (Learning an X10 Code and Linking INSTEON devices: section) The lights on the various modules work as stated. When I look in HouseLinc, a link is made between the EZX10RF and the LampLinc I’m testing with, but the LampLinc doesn’t change state when the X10 commands are sent from a wireless remote.

I also figured that this would create an entry in the X10 to INSTEON tranlation table read from the EZXZ10RF in the Simplehomenet utility suite which I could then mimic for other functions. However, that isn’t the case. The table remains unchanged.

Any thoughts on what it takes to get this working in translation mode?