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Yes, I have tried it and can’t get it to work. I think a better explaination is I don’t know what to enter to make it work. That is why I asked for documentation. I’m not trying to do anything trickly, just what the one page instruction sheet states the device will do: take and X10 command and translate it to an INSTEON command. I’d then plan on using this command to trigger macros in mControl. I may have some control the INSTEON device directly, but currently I can’t get past square one. A simple explanation of what the commands I can enter into the utility are and do would be helpful. Should I put in 1, 20, or what?

The index code seems to be a sequential number of the translations that I can enter.

Linked and In Use appear to do nothing.

I would think that timer is the amount of time before automatically sending an “off” command after sending an “on” command. Does 0 mean never send or immediately send?

X10 House and Unit address would be the received X10 address to translate.

Group is some sort of INSTEON Group.

Cmd1 and Cmd2 for on and off are what are sent when the X10 house/unit code pair for the index is received. What is the significance of the two digit hex value here?

Answer these questions and I believe you have sufficient documentation to get most people going…

It would also be very nice if the utility remembered that I use a PLC and the EZX10RF address so I don’t have to enter that every time I use the utility.