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@simplehome wrote:

The EZRain is based on the PLM. It has a microprocessor sitting on top of the PLM and using it as the Insteon engine. We are aware that in the latest rev. of the PLM (5.2), the reset scheme that we use to synchronize the PLM microprocesor with the EZRain microprocessor requires that the button be held for at least 15 seconds to do the factory reset. Upon the reset completes, please unplug the EZRain and plug it back in again for normal operation.

How do you normally make people aware of these types of new information? During conversations with support, and through other postings here, I have seen numbers of hold for 10 sec, 12 sec, and now 15 seconds. It also looks like you haven’t updated the instruction manual. I think it’s important to get this info out to your user base. It will save end user frustration, and save you time on support calls.