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I will gather up the firmware and revision information when I get home tonight. I can tell you now that both PLM’s are firmware 5.2 and I will include the information on the replacement unit when it arrives today or tomorrow.

I use the term “lockup” to describe when a device no longer responds to commands and I appreciate that this may not indicate the problem device. For example:

When the ISY no longer responds and rebooting the unit only results in one LED remaining on, it generally means that it is unable to communicate with the PLM it is connected to. Doing a factory reset on the PLM corrects the problem. I would initially describe the situation as “the ISY is locked up” when it is really the PLM that is locked up.

If after restoring the ISY (which I understand rebuilds the prior links) and then not being able to control the EZRain, I would refer to the EZRain as “locked up” and would proceed to do a reset on the EZRain.

In this latest incident, however, I could not get the PLM to do a factory reset after many attempts and a call to Smarthome determined that the PLM should be replaced. I should note that the PLM LED was on solidly, but it would not respond. At the same time I wanted to use X10 commands in the mean time to control the EZRain with my PLC, but was unable to get the EZRain to go into linking mode in order to enable X10 commands. That is what prompted this post.

If there is any other information that would be useful, please let me know. Also, it would be helpful if you would provide me with any suggestions as to how to proceed should this occur again.