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It is always difficult to troubleshoot what you describe at the systems level. Good design would ensure that one device locking up does not lock up the whole system. That being said, in a system having an EZRain, a PLM and an ISY, a failure on any of them should NOT create a failure in the other. When you mention lockup, I’d like to better understand what is happening symptomatically. The PLM’s LED going off and staying off forever, even after a reset, would indicate a hard failure on that device. We can’t think of any reason why an EZRain would make that happen. Conversely, we can’t think of any reason the PLM would make an EZRain lockup.
Can you read me the firmware revision on both the PLM (sticker on the back of both units) and the firmware reviosion of the EZRain (can get with our PC utility, I don’t know if the ISY lets you see it).
There are many details behind linking PLMs and using them afterwards in a sender/responder relationship. Again, I don’t know the particulars of how theISY is accomplishing that, but would be more than happy to evaluate an actual setup with some description of what is implemented.
Only after studying this could we have an opinion as to what is going on.

The EZRain is based on the PLM. It has a microprocessor sitting on top of the PLM and using it as the Insteon engine. We are aware that in the latest rev. of the PLM (5.2), the reset scheme that we use to synchronize the PLM microprocesor with the EZRain microprocessor requires that the button be held for at least 15 seconds to do the factory reset. Upon the reset completes, please unplug the EZRain and plug it back in again for normal operation.