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– For a factory reset, please make sure the unit is unplugged, then hold the pushbutton in as you plug it back in, then keep holding the button for about 12 seconds.

I know I followed this procedure for over 10 seconds last week and it did not work. The EZRain has been disconnected since then.

Last night I tried it again and held the button for 15 seconds. The first time it did not work, but the second time it did and I was able to enable X10. I was very careful to insure that the set button was pressed in firmly both times.

I then tried a reset using the utility, which ran and turned off the LED. Nothing else seemed to happen. After about 4 minutes I unplugged the EZRain and plugged it in again. The EZRain no longer accepted X10 commands, so the reset appeared to have been successful. I then put the EZRain into linking mode and I was then able to enable X10 commands.

We would like to see this lockup mode as we have never experienced it. If the problem persists, please call our support line to arrange an exchange.

I have had periodic lockups of the ISY/PLM and EZRain over the last couple of months. It was only during the last few weeks that they were becoming move frequent. I would be generally alerted by a lighting timer not working or the sprinkler not going off in the morning. A reset of all three devices would clear up the problem.

Months ago, I do remember that the EZRain would stop accepting linking commands. At that time I was experimenting with linking KPL buttons to the EZRain. A simple power on/off would solve that. On one occasion it did lock up the ISY/PLM also.

Last week, however, I was no longer able to reset the PLM. In order to get up and working again, I used the PLM from my EZIO8SA. I have a replacement PLM coming from Smarthome latter this week. When I was unable to get the EZRain into linking mode last week, I decided to take it off the system and put back my prior Rain8 X10 controller. That is where my system stands now.

Now that the EZRain appears to have reset correctly, I will be adding it back to the system and remove the Rain8. When the new PLM arrives I will also add back the EZIO8SA.

Please let me know, if you have any suggestions as to how to proceed other than what I have outlined above.