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I have been able to perform a reset with the utility. Unfortunately, I need to do this every couple of months.

I have a problem w/ my EzSnsRf where it does not receive signals from my driveway sensor even though it is only 100 feet away and the chime that comes with the driveway sensor is working fine 1000 feet away. Turning the power off and on will fix the problem temporarily (for 1/2 a day). Only a reset with the utility program will solve the problem for a couple of months.

Unfortunately, the utility program only works with a PLC, but I run my house with a PLM; so running the utility requires me to bring my unit to another location with a PLC, etc.

In summary, I know the driveway sensor is sending a signal, but the EzSnsRf does not always pick it up (or if it does, becomes incapable of sending a signal on to insteon/homeseer). My chime works just fine. Is there a chance I just have a bad unit?