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How it’s supposed to work:
– The Insteon links database in the underlying PLM (part of the EZIOxx) has a database of 32 links. These follow the layout of the PLM database published by SmartLabs. They contain a device ID and a Group number, among oher things.
– The EZIOxx firmware also maintains a record for each of the physical (Ix) and logical inputs (alarms on the analog inputs and 1-Wire sensor). If this record shows as linked with a non-zero group number, there will be an attempt at sending a group command through the underlying PLM whenever any of the inputs change state. If the group number is zero, no group command will be issued.
– If there is a valid Insteon link, and a corresponding input has the same group number as that link, a group command wit clean-ups will be generated upon activation of the input.
– Status change broadcasts are generated independently of the group messages whenever an input changes and the “enable broadcasts” bit has been set in the configuration register.

You should be able to successfully add a link manually using the pushbuttons, then manipulate the input record to change the commands sent and the group number.