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@simplehome wrote:

The dim LED is a new feature in the PLM 5.2 version.
It seems like you are no terminating the linking process after the LED goes off. At this point, tap the pushbutton on the side of the EZSnsRF a number of times (corresponding to how many 1/2 minutes you want to delay the off) or hold pushed for about 4 seconds.

Not working yet
THanx. However, the problem is EZSnsRf led doesnt go off after the SLV2 blinks the room light. It continues to rapidly blink and goes off.

EZSnsRF state: LED dim and blinks slow
I press RF keyfob
EZSNsRF state: LED bright and blinks slowly
I hold SLV2 on for several seconds until room blinks (usually blinks twice)
EZSnsRF state: LED bright blinks rapidly (Doesn’t stop until several minutes pass)
Is this the correct behavior for the EZSnsRF?
What does the dim state mean versus the bright state? The quick-start guide doesn’t mention this.
I pushed the button 4 seconds anyway (while LED bright and blinking rapidly) the blinking stopped. But I have no control with the RF keyfob and no light control.

Thank you for your time.