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Tap, tap, tap… Is this thing on? ❓

OK, here are the steps I went through.

1. Pressed the button on the EZSnsRF for 4 seconds until it started blinking slowly.
2. Triggered the IR-3000 by aiming it at me. This causes the EZSnsRF to start blinking more rapidly.
3. Went to the ToggleLinc Relay and held the toggle up for 10 seconds until the lights in controlled flashed.
4. Pressed the ToggleLinc relay toggle up 30 times.
5. Went back to the EZSnsRF, verified that the LED had gone off, and then pressed and held the button for 4 seconds.
6. Verified that the EZSnsRF LED was now steady (not blinking).

In spite of this, whenever I trigger the IR-3000, the only effect is to turn the light off if it’s on. I’ve done it 20 times now, with several different WMT- and IR-3000 sensors, and the result is always the same.