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Is there a way we can use the MAC address to telnet to the EZbridge to reset the IP address ?

I don’t know. For some networked devices, a way to remotely set an IP address was to force an arp entry on your box (something like “arp -s {desired IP address} {target’s MAC addr}”) and then ping it. The ping would be sent directly to the device, which’d see that, and automatically reset its IP address to that of the ping.

I tried that, and similar other approaches, with the EZServe, with no luck. I’ll bring my work laptop home tonight and try hitting it directly, with a crossover cable, to avoid any network switch-induced issues, but I’m not too confident of success…

** Additional Note **

I’ve found a writeup for some NetSilicon hardware, that says the “default” IP for that particular unit was I’m pretty sure I’d’ve scanned that IP, but it’s possible I missed it (especially since I’ve got a box at 1.26, so I might have confused the two). Anyway, I’m not even sure if it’s the same hardware, but it might be worth a shot trying to connect to that IP address. (be sure your host machine is on the same hub as the bridge and set to something else in the subnet). Somehow, I don’t think this’ll help, but I figured I’d throw it out there in case someone could check during the day.