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I’ve now tried sending all manner of packets at the thing. ICMP to (with the EZServe mac address as the ethernet destination address), ARP requests, more generalized pings, etc.

I’ve also tried the multicast UDP method ( port 2157), but wasn’t positive how to add the GUID as the payload. Was that the literal string ‘{0xd769f6ae,0x… or a “{” followed by byte values d7 69 f6 ae followed by “,”, or “{” followed by ae f6 69 d7 (endian issues), or just raw bytes d7 69 f6 ae (or reversed for each block based on endian issues), or what?

Obviously, none of those packets netted me a response, either. I’m really at wits end here — is there any way to force a reset? I’m ready and willing to open the box up and short a couple pins together if that’s what it’ll take…