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1) Reset – stop losing modules – FIXED
2) Problems adding areas and devices – text gets garbled – utility works fine – FIXED
3) Investigate control of devices from main screen

1) Electronic link management
a) Automatic Creation of Link when Device is Created – STILL IN DEVELOPMENT
b) Electronic Management of Link in Remote Device – STILL IN DEVELOPMENT

2) Simplehomenet Device Configuration Management
a) EZRain Screens – TARGET 0.14 Release
b) EZIO Screens – PENDING
c) EZX10RF and EZSnsRF Screens – PENDING

3) Simplehomenet Device Control
a) EZRain Control – PENDING
b) EZIO Control – PENDING

4) Add back SNTP server support – COMPLETE

5) Keypadlinc support

6) X10 to Insteon Command Conversion
a) Thanks for the input heatvent – this is a good idea!
“X10 to Insteon Command Conversion. I’m sure this can be done by creating a bunch of X10 ghost devices and then creating macros but perhaps a more efficient way to do this whery you just check the box next to a house code and unit number, then select a device and a command.”