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Found something that may help in a finding a cure.
In the Setup X10 to Insteon Translation Area.
Code Index 1
Timer 0.0
X10 House Code A
X10 Unit Code 1
Group 1 ON Cmd1=1 cmd2=1 OFF Cmd1=1 Cmd2=0
If I uncheck Linked and In Use.
Then write back to the EZX10RF. A1 now WORKS! A1 commands now go to the powerline.
Add more data:
I also found with a Set Button held reset. P9-P16 when read by the utility show not enabled. My remotes as I stated also show no P9-P16 activity. I can check the boxes and write back. Then they work again.
Utility shows “connected V10” when accessing the unit.
Also the button reset seems to leave the In Use and Linked in the stste they where before the reset.