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Tried the reset twice. A1 will not work.
Did a few observations. When an X10 RF signal is sent from my HR12A Palm Pad or KR22A Keyfob. The Status LED flashes bright twice [guess second one maybe an X10 transmission]. Also a Bright or Dim Button push on a remote will also flash the LED bright.
Exception is A1. The LED does NOT go bright; just a very quick and hard to see flicker. Then trying to send a Bright or Dim button after an A1 on or off; also results in the hard to see flicker and no signals. Hit another address and then the Bright and Dim buttons again flash the Status LED.
If you need more data let me know; as I can use my 1132CU and software or a 2414S and software to try and look at the powerline signals.
More Data: P9 through P16 also do the samething.