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I had linked input 1 of my EZIO8SA to a lamp module at one time. I just followed the directions in the quick start guide:
A) Press and hold the set-button on the EZIO8SA PLM for
about 10 seconds, then release it. Its LED will turn off indicating
that it is ready to accept a number of taps corresponding
to the input number desired to be linked. Tap the setbutton
1 time for input number one. Now press and
hold the set-button again for about 4 seconds at which point
the LED will start flashing rapidly indicating the EZIO8SA
is listening for responders to link to.
B) On the Insteon responder device to be linked
(a lamp module for me), press and hold
its set-button until its LED flashes momentarily (about 3
seconds.) Please follow the specific directions for the device
being linked as linking directions vary among the various
Insteon devices. Once linked, the LED on the
EZIO8SA PLM will stop flashing and glow steadily.
C) The EZIO8SA now acts as an Insteon sender to control
other Insteon devices in response to transitions on its inputs.

If you have a lamp plugged into the lamp module, the lamp will blink when the 2 modules are linked together.

I hope this helps.