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Paul, thanks for passing the info on and finding my login mistake.

Doug, Paul makes good points as always. You will not find a better group of folks to deal with nor a better set of products. I have some 7 or 8 Simplethomenet devices installed (including an EZServ) along with 40+ Insteon devices from Smarthome (including a PLC). I do suggest starting with a PLC. It is less expensive (not the primary reason for using a PLC), it requires no setup, and various Home Automation software interfaces to it. Smarthome’s Houselinc Desktop software, which I have used for a few years, is an okay starting point, It has some good drag & drop features for linking Insteon devices which makes its cost worth it alone. A major problem with Houselinc is that it does not effectively support Simplehomenet devices. There are promises on the Smarthome forum that the product is being rewritten and will be rereleased when it is stable but no hard date and no list of devices supported. PowerHome is a better choice (my opinion only). You can download it and use it free for 30 days. Although the base product does not have all the Simplehomenet devices listed, you can add devices to the list and define enough of the characteristics to make the Insteon network manageable. PowerHome goes through a PLC. They are working on a version that supports a PLM, which is available as an Alpha release. The Alpha has to be installed on top of the latest PowerHome Beta. You will still need the Simplehomenet Utility Suite to configure some of the features in the Simplehomenet devices, like command overrides. If you don’t plan to have much Insteon, then get a PLC, use the SHN Utility Suite to set your options and you are off and running. If you are looking down the road at a significant investment in Insteon, and want to start with building blocks that are robust enough for the long term, and you can handle the extra complexity, get an EZServ. EZServ supports Insteon Extended Messages which the PLC does not. Some of the neat new stuff coming to Insteon devices require Extended Message support. As Paul said, EZServ gets you on your Ethernet network and all the flexibility that offers. EZServ is being updated with new features all the time and is user updateable with images downloaded from the Simplehomenet web site.

Hope you enjoy your Insteon experience.