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I received a suggestion from grif091 (unable to post right now), here are his comments:

“… I was going to offer some suggestions to Doug regarding HA software that I have used over the past two years. Planned to suggest getting a PLC rather than an EZServ at this point in his usage of Insteon. I’ve used a PLC ever since I purchased Smarthomes Houselinc Desktop, now using PowerHome because of the delays in updates to Houselinc to support the Simplehomenet devices. I also have an EZServ which works fine but my sense is Doug is not ready for that level of complexity yet.”

In general, I agree. For connecting to the EZSrve, it is straightforward and the EZSrve does have greater capabilities than the PLC, though to be honest since the EZSrve does more than the PLC, it is more complex to some degree. For the PLC, you plug it in and go (after installing the SDM, link is on the utility). The EZSrve connects to your home network, so you need a home router, and then you connect to the Insteon network through that.

A question to ask yourself is, start in the shallow end of the pool or just dive into the deep end (both ways will work)? Also, how big is your HA setup going to be? If it is just a couple devices, and some basic timers, the PLC should be fine. Though, I am guessing EZIO customers typically have bigger plans.