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Thanks for the information. Really appreciate you testing the X button and Macro List with fewer definitions. It confirms the Utility installs and basically runs on Vista 32 bit using EZSrve with no Vista specific issues so far. I have modified my local copy of the Utility with fixes for the Disconnect problem and the Macro List problem. I passed on my fix for the Disconnect problem to SHN for possible inclusion in a future Utility update but since the X button is a reasonable workaround it may not be a priority, particularly since I suspect SHN is working hard on EZSrve V2. Finished the Macro List problem fix this morning. My 57 Macro definitions now display in the Macro window. I want to test it a little more before passing on those updates to SHN. It turns out the change was much simpler than I originally thought. I don’t know of anything in link management that would have dependencies on the OS platform. Of course that is why we run tests to find the unknown. You could try doing a Display of a device link database. That path makes no changes to the device and would answer the question of whether basic link management will run Vista.

The other aspect that needs testing on Vista is the use of a PLC as the connection device. A PLC involves the use of the Smartlabs Device Manager (SDM3) which is not listed as being supported on Vista. The SDM3 interface introduces another Vista question mark and will probably never be updated for Vista if it has a problem. With major parts of the Utility code common to EZSrve and PLC connections I’m hopeful the SHN Utility PLC path will run on Vista 32 bit if SDM3 will work.

The other Vista question is the 64 bit environment if someone has Vista 64 bit and is interested in testing the Utility.

Thanks Stuart for your efforts in this test. I know several people have been interested in whether the Utility would run on Vista.