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That is great information! Thanks. The error you see when you Disconnnect from EZsrve may not be related to Vista. I see that running on XP. Try using the X button to terminate the Utility after connecting to EZSrve. I’ll look into the Disconnnect and Macro problems.

Using a Laptop you are running Vista 32 bit?

EDIT: the error I see on XP when doing a Disconnect from an EZSrve connection is due to a blocking stream.Read call that throws an exception when the connection is closed. Just need a Try/Catch around the logic in the subroutine to catch the error. I have looked into this in the past. Try using the X button to close out the Utility. This avoids the error on XP.

EDIT2: The Macro List also fails on XP. The data is displayed in the Control window but not the Macro window. I’ll look into this tomorrow.

Thanks for the great work testing on Vista.

EDIT3: the Macro List problem is not specific to Vista. If the number of Macro definitions exceed the size of the stream buffer the Utility tries to assemble a complete Macro file string before processing. There is a problem with the thread the assembly object is in versus the thread the stream.Read is running on. As a result the assembly object being used to hold the composite string is created for each stream.Read which causes the first part of the Macro definitions to be lost. This will take a little thought to fix. You can confirm that the Macro List function will work on Vista by temporarily deleting some of your macro definitions. I did this by saving my macros3.xml file, making a working copy, and deleted all but the first 20 Macro definitions and then uploaded the smaller Macro file. The smaller Macro file was displayed correctly by the Utility on XP. Would assume the same would be true on Vista.