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Unfortunately I don’t have a Vista environment to test in. I do have the 1.80 source loaded in a VB 2008 express project and I have made some custom additions to the version of the Utility I run on XP so I can make changes if I knew what they should be. The problem so far is no one has provided any specifics about the symptoms; does not install, installs but will not display initial screen, displays initial screen but cannot connect to PLC, displays initial screen but cannot connect to EZSrve, and so on. The PLC path may be a problem as that involves the Smarthome SDM3 and I feel certain if that does not run on Vista it never will. The PLM device seems to be the focus at Smarthome. With HouseLinc 2 running with a PLM only and the serial PLC not shown anymore I think the writing is on the wall. Of course Smarthome is very quiet about future plans so I may be all wet. I ran the Vista evaluation utility on my system long ago and the amount of hardware changes necessary were prohibitive. I’d be happy to make some changes if anyone can contribute specific details as to the failures, symptoms, etc.