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First and update and then the excuse. We are preparing some application notes to take the mistery out of the EZIOxx setup, wit emphasis on garage door automation. But it will be impossible for us to do this with all the various automation packages out there, so the first will be a stand-alone version (no automation package) and the second one using our utility. Due to the need to use a utility to set timers and enable things like putting the output timers in seconds, the stand-alone functionality will be somewhat limited.
We are also testing new firmware that takes advantage of the new PLM engine to improve the response to changes on the inputs. This will be released as version 2.0 in mid-September.
Now the excuse: we realize the EZIOxx devices are quite flexible and thus the complexity of setup can be daunting. We encourage you to use the free utility suite and provide us with feedback on improvements.
Also note that the LEDs on the KPL have no way of knowing when a device other than the KPL button has activated the controlled device. This makes it difficult to have the LEDs reflect the true status of the controlled device without a home automation package that is updating everything.