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I am using HomeSeer so your results may differ but I poll the EZIO input to keep HomeSeer in sync with the status of the garage door.

Do the KeypadLincs have buttons that light up (I don’t own any of them)?

One thing that I have noticed with the EZIO8SA that I have is that if the input changes too quickly, like on then off within about 5 seconds or so, then the off command will not get sent and the status will get out of sync. I tried to inform SimpleHomeNet about this, but I am not sure if they have confirmed or plan to change the functionallity. They said that it is because there are group cleanup massages that need to be sent. That’s fine, but I would still like to see the off command get sent even if there is some delay! I would really like to see these commands get queued and sent instead of dropped.

Sorry for the rant!