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Hi Paul, thanks for the response. I’ve downloaded the configuration tool and it looks pretty nifty.

My primary goal is to be able to open and close the garage door via an Insteon command and replace the “doorbell-style” garage door switch with an Insteon KeypadLinc.

My existing garage door opener uses a simple contact closure switch. Press it and the state of the garage door changes. I will attach the door opener to R1_A and B on the EZIO as per instructions. Using a door sensor hooked up to I1- and GND will determine the state of the door.

Now say I send an Insteon OFF command from a KeypadLinc to close the door but the door is already open. Will the EZIO ignore this command because the door sensor shows the door as already closed and triggering the output relay would open the door? Can this logic be accomplished with just the EZIO or is a dedicated automation controller needed?

Thanks for your patience.
– Rob