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Easy enough to make that mistake from an internet picture. I had the advantage of having three EZIO2X4s already installed. I’ve had good success with the EZIO2X4 but all of my circuits are basically states. Door open/closed, flood light motion on/off, etc. If you don’t hear something in a few days, call Simplehomenet support. They have a good reputation for responding to questions about their hardware.

Also, from one of the posts from last year it looks like the EZIO2X4 was set up to issue Broadcast commands on state changes. The Broadcast command is not directed to any specific device so if it is not received, it is not resent. If you link your Input to something, A Group Cleanup Direct command is used, which is retried if the linked to device does not acknowledge receipt of the command.

EDIT: Corrected ACKed command name to Group Cleanup Direct